1. the state of embodied divinity.

I will teach you how to live in your “magic”, through ritual, meditation, and spiritual guidance to return you back to your sacred. Remembering your magic is to know that wonder, expansiveness and enchantment exist within the mundane.


Enter the labyrinths


Enter the labyrinths


I use a blend of these modalities tuned to your unique needs and being.


Massage Therapy

The manipulation of connective tissue and muscles helps to reduce pain and discomfort throughout the body.


Gua Sha/Cupping

An ancient Chinese scraping technique using manual therapy applied to the skin.

The medical function is to bring vascularity and lymphatic movement to tissues and reduce pain.


Walk and Talk

A short walk and talk with Dr. Ratka Mira. This is a conversation to address a specific issue that has been affecting your well-being and health.



A personalized guided meditation or visualization to reduce stress and bring your spirit back into balance.


Herbal Medicine

An Herbal Medicine consultation for a specific health concern.



A personalized yoga and stretching exercise regime to open up and reduce discomfort.


Rites of Passage

A personalized rite-of-passage created for large personal transitions or changes in life. To end one phase and support a new beginning in marriage, death, birth, divorce, the start of menarche, elderhood, or other situations.


Tuning Forks

Chinese medicine and acupuncture practices are used to give you a “tune up” using tuning forks instead of needles. This moves Qi and initiates homeostasis.

Come Visit


After an event that left my coworkers and I spiritually wounded, I called upon Ratka to help my group of colleagues and I to heal. Ratka listened intently to the wound that had occurred and the healing we were hoping for, and she created a wonderful and beautiful healing retreat in the basin of great redwood trees in the middle of a large lush green park. There, my colleagues and I engaged in ceremony calling upon our own ancestors for strength and guidance and we were led through a series of breath exercises, meditation, and communion with nature to help bring back balance and harmony to our bodies, minds, spirits and hearts. I can say that I felt something inside of me shift to a more peaceful and grateful place. I felt an integration of heart and mind that were at odds before the ceremony. My colleagues too felt a shift inside of them that was personal and meaningful to them. Best of all they commented how the next day they were able to perform at work from a lighter, more still and satisfying place. It was an awesome experience and would highly recommend Ratka for ceremonial healing!

Dr. Esmeralda Zamudio, Professor
Ratka Mira is a mystical force of healing. She has been my healer and spiritual guide for many years. I trust her completely with my body and my healing. I always walk away from her sessions with a greater wisdom and a feeling of being shifted into a better space. If you are searching for transformation and need someone to help guide you to where your path needs alignment, expansion, and growth, Ratka is the person to help you do that. She has helped me many times in the past with her bodywork, spiritual guidance, and mentorship to open me more fully to the places that need nourishment and re-connection in my life. In the past 15 years her work has helped me to heal deeply and shift what needed to be adjusted. When I receive a session from Ratka I feel seen, cared for, and listened to and I come out of our sessions more grounded and ready for whatever changes need to come. I highly recommend getting a session with Ratka. She will transform you!
Mandy Rosenberg, Acupuncturist

I wholeheartedly recommend Ratka Popovic for wholistic treatment of the body, mind, and Spirit.  She can read you and has the intuition of being able to make you whole again.  Spend an hour and a half… It is well worth the time.  She is my curandera.

Dr. Ricardo Carrillo, Psychologist, Curandero
Ratka is a wonderful holistic healer of the highest order. She pays careful attention to your needs and will help you get in tune with your body, mind, and spirit all in one session. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Jeremy Steinkoler, Percussionist

Ratka Mira is a transformational, highly skilled, and empathetic healer. I’ve been enjoying her body work for two decades and it never ceases to amaze me how she intuitively addresses my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I always float out of our sessions filled with joy for knowing such a kind, compassionate and all-around wonderful person.

Karyn Veneklasen, Business owner
Ratka Mira is an extraordinary healer grounded in both the natural-spiritual realms as well as the scientific world. She blends her knowledge with a depth and natural ease, with humor, and a spot-on-intuition that I find second to none.  Just one treatment from her was profoundly healing and let me see and feel my situation in a very different light.
Aracely Kriete, Acupuncturist